Why executives want to get into the cloud, now

A lot of executives have heard about cloud computing and are curious about how will help them achieve their business goals. After all, cloud vendors are now advertising in airports and in business magazines.

Frequently executives are calling IT managers into the executive suite and asking them, “When are we going into the cloud?” 

It’s not that easy for the CIO to answer, both psychologically and technically. They are tasked with keeping the IT systems up, running well, and secure. Their key performance indicator is up time and they get fired for system down time.

Any new technology is risky because they’ve been burned before trying to implement new systems. So they will be reluctant to change what they know works unless there is no alternative or until they feel that they can manage the risk of moving to cloud-based IT.

When I talk with business executives, they would love to fire their entire IT department and outsource the whole operation. There are many reasons why: inflexible IT, not knowing what IT really costs, getting more “No’s” than “Yes’s” from IT. In summary: the CEO is frustrated and generally views IT as a cost center and not a business enabler. While that’s rarely true, that’s their perception. And part of the blame for that goes to the IT director not being business savvy. More on how to fix this later.

What’s holding them back from outsourcing IT is they don’t now how to do it. And yet the cloud holds the promise of an outsourced IT model. That’s why they’re interested in the cloud.

Here are some attractive cloud executive value propositions:

  • Rapidly deploy business functions without needing to know how and where 
  • Only pay for what you use, not for what you might need
  • All the IT you want, when you want it, without technical knowledge, without hassle
  • You don’t have to:
    • Design it
    • Buy hardware
    • Install it
    • Power it
    • Cool it
    • Manage it
    • Back it up
    • Keep it running
    • Upgrade it
    • Just use it!

What do you think?