Questions executives need to ask about cloud computing

If you’re like most executives, you’re part of a technology purchasing committee. Making computer technology decisions has never been easy. You have to slog through the marketing hype and computer jargon to separate the sales-copy promises from the software reality.

I remember an old saw from my software-selling days: “The difference between a used-car salesman and a software salesman is that the car salesman knows when he’s lying.”

If you’re going to make smart decisions, you need to get answers to these questions:

If you’re a CEO, COO, President, or Owner

How is cloud computing good for your operation?

What does it mean to your operation and your customers?

If it’s going to give you an edge in the market, exactly how is that going to happen?

How do you direct the people who will lead the project?

What risks do you need to consider?

If you’re a CFO or VP of Finance

Is cloud computing good for corporate compliance and your cash flow?

Where does it fit into current regulations?

If you’re a CIO, CTO, or IT Manager

Is cloud computing good for your computing infrastructure?

How do you evaluate cloud computing?

What should you look for in a cloud computing vendor?

What about security?

Where does cloud not make sense?

This blog is written with the non-technical manager in mind; it won’t dig very deep into the technology. There are plenty of other sites that do that very well. So, even if you’re an executive with limited technical background, this blog will guide you on the questions to ask and the issues to examine when your technology team considers cloud computing for your company.